James Nicholson

I began Yoga to alleviate back pain from imbalances created by competitive sports. The pain had persisted through traditional Western therapies including chiropractic, physiotherapy, and massage. The results were astonishing! I was pain free within three months and am now more flexible, open and energetic than I've ever been. Yoga is the one physical pursuit that I believe in.

James has been a pioneer of the Vancouver fitness and health movement. He’s a Trainer of Fitness Leaders, has been chairperson of the BCRPA, and was instrumental in developing the standards for registration of Fitness Instructors and recently helped develop the Module to register Yoga Instructors. He led the wave of people teaching Power Yoga in Vancouver.

James combines his studies in Kinesiology and Psychology from SFU with his creative work as professional actor and intuitive training as a Life Coach to create a unique Mind-Body Yoga experience!