Teacher Training

This is not the University of Yoga, this is a practical hands on course designed to teach you how to teach one of my Power Yoga classes. Simple. You will be encouraged throughout the course to question what you are learning and what you are teaching so that you feel confident presenting a class to your participants. I have taught six of these courses through the YWCA. If you are interested in taking a course, send me an email and I will put you on a list and send you more information about when the next course will be offered. If you are interested in hosting a course, let me know and we will plan out the best course for your club.


On occasion I am invited to lead workshops on Power Yoga. These can be structured to suit your particular client needs. They are recognized by the BCRPA as well as the YABC for continuing Education credits.

One on One Yoga Instruction

I do personal or small group sessions from time to time. If you are clear about what you need to work on, then these can be highly beneficial. They are expensive and I recommend if you are just curious about some poses, that you sign up for a workshop so you can get general information much cheaper. If you need the motivation of an instructor to get you over the hump with your practice, then come to class regularly. If you need further tweeking we can work on that pretty quickly. For ongoing motivation you will have to pay for it. Expect to pay what you would pay for a chiropractor, massage therapist, or any other professional in the healing arts.


I am a professional Coach with a specialty in personal growth. Ever wondered why its hard to make changes in your life that last, why its hard to break some old patterns, what life would be like if ...? You have all the resources within you to make any changes in life that you want. Maybe you don’t even need to make changes, you just need to get some perspective to better appreciate what you have. Happiness comes from within not from outside. Curious ...? Know what you want for an outcome? Not sure what you want for an outcome but know you want to find out? Coaching can help you.