I am a very physical person. My body needs good strength/stretch exercise. That's why I love James' class. I always find it challenging and varied with great music and great encouragement. Equally true today as it was when I first began five years ago. I think of James as a personal fitness trainer who uses yoga to tone both my body and my mind.

James may think we (his students) are a unique and diverse group of people who are exceptionally cool, however we really are just mirroring him. I keep coming to James' class because it gives me peace and balance, as well as a notable change to my body. James transforms the ambience of a regular gym into a place of solace, with cool music and words of encouragement mixed with wisdom and humour. James is simply the best!

I've been attending James’ classes off and on since 1997. What keeps me coming back is the positive atmosphere, James' commitment to his students, and the knowledge that if I listen to my body (as James always reminds us) I'm going to get a great, safe workout that pushes me beyond what I might attempt at a home practice.

I find James' Power Yoga unique. He is stimulating, welcoming, warm and his class is challenging without being competitive. James seems to love what he does and is in his element creating an incredible class experience for everyone!



I've tried many different yoga classes, but none have come close to the overall experience I get from his class. James combines the perfect mix of stretching and strengthening in a beautiful flow combined with great music and a relaxed atmosphere. My reasons for coming to class continually change over the years, but I always leave feeling happier, healthier and more centered. I couldn't live without it!

We have so much to be thankful James helps me get perspective during yoga class.

It’s his personality and the way he conducts the class with his vast knowledge and enthusiasm. Yoga centers me, connects my mind with my body and trains me to stay in the present. Lets just say that after six years practicing with him we can’t do without a session of James’s Yoga at least once a week!
Craig and Rita